Covid-19 and the Southwark Food Action Alliance

Covid-19 and the Southwark Food Action Alliance

The Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) is a collective of charitable organisations, residents and community partners uniting together to help increase food security and food equality for Southwark residents. The focus being to connect, inform, support and to draw together expertise and good practice from around the borough and country to shape the work taking place to tackle food insecurity.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, SFAA have been working hard to support the Southwark food banks, and the rest of the food community, to get much needed food to the vulnerable in the borough and those self isolating. 

We have a new Southwark food map!

Southwark Food Action Alliance has collaborated with Community Mapping to map all the food related activities within Southwark. They have mapped essential services such as foodbanks, community fridges, community meals and local delivery services during COVID-19.

The map displays where people facing food insecurity and key organisations can signpost beneficiaries to help people in need.

Click here to acess the SFAA food map

If there is an organisation or service that we should know about, you can log in and fill in the details. Alternatively, you can email the details to: and it will be included.

Find out more about SFAA

You can find out more about SFAA and the other work they are doing here. If you have any questions please email:


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